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Meet Our Team

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Chantelle Nydal

Master Stylist

Chantelle has been in hairdressing for over 10 years now and the main reason she went into hairdressing was to make a difference in peoples lives. Chantelle loves giving her clients extra personalised experiences and creating confidence in her clients. Chantelle is an all round hairdresser that just loves learning and taking on any challenge.


With colour, hair extensions, event hair styling and cutting she just loves how powerful hair can be for someones confidence. Chantelle personalises every client and that's why most people have been following her around for the last 10 years.


Chantelle has a loyal clientele base that all trust her with their hair. Book in with Chantelle, Our master stylist before her goal of being booked out, and not taking any new clients is achieved.

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